Fixing Iowa's Healthcare Crisis

Video: Carissa's children during The Wave while her son was in the children's hospital.

When you have a child who doesn’t breathe in their sleep, your priorities straighten out right quick. And fixing Iowa’s healthcare crisis is Carissa’s top priority.  

Carissa will fight for your family's healthcare. She will:

1. Protect healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions

2. Advocate to fix our Medicaid mess

3. Support telehealth access

4. Prioritize EMS as essential

5. Expand mental healthcare services

From our family here in Denver, IA, to families in every corner of our state - Iowans have put up with our healthcare debacle for far too long.

Carissa will fight to fix Iowa’s healthcare crisis like her son’s life depends on it... because it does. 

Real Solutions for Big Problems

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Our small businesses and workers are struggling. They need resources to deal with the complex business environment

Help our rural areas thrive by investing in infrastructure: broadband, childcare, EMS.