Investing in Education

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An award-winning educator herself, Carissa will invest in our rural and small town public schools, rather than diverting resources away like has happened for the past 10 years.

Carissa’s education roots go back four generations in her family. She herself grew up in the country and attended a top-notch small-town public school. Her husband Adam is a farm kid who also attended a quality small-town public school. Both Carissa and her husband relished the opportunities that rural and small-town life afforded them. 

Carissa’s family made their home in a small town so their kids could have the same experience of community, quality education, and opportunity that they had. 

Carissa will: 

1. Oppose school vouchers that take away resources from our public schools

2. Support restoring school funding so educators can do their jobs without going broke

3. Bring educators to the table when making decisions that affect them

4. Support expanded mental health care support 


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Our small businesses and workers are struggling. They need resources to deal with the complex business environment

Help our rural areas thrive by investing in infrastructure: broadband, childcare, EMS.